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Manchester: Make Jesus Known release video and audio for Easter outreach

During a time of fear and uncertainty for many, a brand-new creative initiative aims to inspire love’s light this Easter.

Presented by Charissa Cooke from Manchester charity Make Jeus Known, this impactful spoken word dramatization is intended to encourage believers to share their faith online and reminds us all that, even as we contend with a worldwide epidemic, we have a reason to be hopeful.

Choosing to die for a friend is commendable
But dying for your enemy- incomprehensible
His message is clear, in no way subliminal,
His life in exchange for yours and mine,
In fact for all of humankind, in a one of a kind deal,
He took the burden of every sin, and pain imaginable,
Defeating humanities ultimate rival,
Death and the devil, Their power diminished
As he cried out it is finished,
Then took his last breath, but his death wasn’t final.

“We wanted to bring something honest, clear and just real through the spoken word that Charissa executes in this art piece,” says Tim Cooke, CEO of Make Jesus Known.

“Sharing the message and unpacking the meaning of Easter for people, so that we can hopefully help others wherever they are on their journey of faith. We are especially grateful for the opportunity to share something uplifting that can reach people online under the current circumstances.”

Make Jesus Known was founded in 2006 by husband and wife duo, Tim and Charissa Cooke, with the aim of reaching all people with the Good News of the Gospel. Based in the North of England, this dynamic organisation is dedicated to Christian outreach and evangelism through music, schools’ tours and media.

The charity are in the process of building a video studio in Oldham, helped by a special Growing Lives grant from the AllChurches Trust of £16,750. This will enable them to train up 30 young people with the skills to make video content to share their Christian faith.

The radio version of ‘iTruth – Make Easter Go Viral’ is free and available for airplay now. Manually insert into your playout system or add to your playlist for easy rotation. Both the .mp3 and .wav versions and lyric sheet are available to download here.

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