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Tim Keller – On Birth

Hodder and Stoughton 144 pages Price £9.99 ISBN 978 1529325683

Writing this review at a time of semi-lockdown in the UK as a result of Covid 19 I have become increasingly aware of the importance of keeping the main thing, the main thing.

This book deals with the first of what some preachers cynically call: “Hatches, matches and dispatches”. Birth, marriage and death. This are the basic realities of human life. Birth and death are the bookends of life, and marriage, the main and most intimate relationship that we experience between human beings.

This is the first of three little books that Keller has written on these three basic subjects. In On Birth, Keller deals with our first birth, our second birth and our spiritual growth.

The author beautifully captures the wonder of human birth; admirers of Keller who are Baptists will be interested to read Keller on infant baptism. All Christians will agree with the importance of dedicating our children to the Lord.

Keller provides a compelling case for the necessity of a second birth, and graciously demolishes all the reasons why a human being might not feel the need for such a change.

Perhaps the most valuable part of this book is the reminder that once born we need to grow, both physically and spiritually.

This would be a great little book to put into the hands of those who have just had a baby, whether they are Christians or not.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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