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Whitby web developer builds free online church service planner

Challenging times bring initiative and creativity, and a great example is a new web tool for churches making their way with online services, developed by North Yorkshire web developer Jack Barber ...

Jack explains:

"Over the last couple of weeks churches around the world have had to work out how to deliver Sunday services, small groups and other meetings online. For many this has meant adopting tools such as YouTube and Zoom. Despite the proliferation of these tools and others like them, putting together interactive services remains a difficult task for many.

"This week I found myself working from home for the first time in five years. Alongside my day job as a website designer, I have also been helping my own local church produce and deliver meetings over the internet. However, when it comes to being able to easily share a variety of online content with church members, few options are really user-friendly.

"In order to make life easier for both church leaders and members I have built a tool which aims to solve some of these problems.

" is a website churches can use to produce online services. Services can include a variety of content – text, videos from YouTube or Vimeo (including live streams if available) and links to other resources on the internet."

How does it work?

"I have built the system to be as simple as possible. Follow these simple steps to get started building your online service:

    •    Visit and click on the ‘Get Started!’ button
    •    Click the ‘Email link to Yourself’ button at the top of the page to send yourself your unique URL – you will need this in order to edit your service
    •    Scroll down and use the options under ‘Add Items’ to add text, videos and links to your service plan (Editor's note: make sure items to include are freely shareable and not copyright)
    •    Items are always added to the bottom of the plan, but you can drag and drop the items within the plan to change the order
    •    Once you’re happy with your service you can use the link under ‘Share With Others’ at the top of the page to share you service. Why not share via Facebook, or your own website? You can also email your plan directly to other people which may be particularly helpful for older members who are less capable with technology, or those who don’t use social media.

What’s Next?

I plan to add more features in the coming days and I hope the project will prove to be a blessing to the Church during these difficult times.

Jack Barber
Founder of
Whitby, North Yorkshire


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