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Too Much Information: 10 essential questions for digital Christians – Andrew Graystone

Canterbury Press 194 pages £14.95 ISBN978 1 78622 159 9

The Police wrote a song entitled Too Much Information ("running through my brain, too much information driving me insane"). That was in 1981, long before we all got digitally connected! Andrew Graystone has produced a most useful meditation on the impact of the digital world on the physical world. He asserts that “Digital culture has downgraded the physical”.

The value of a book like this is that the digital world has grown so big and so fast, that there has been little time to assess its pros and cons. Using 10 questions the author explores the positives and negatives of our online activity. 

The useful thing here is that the reader is forced to  face, examine and evaluate what the internet is doing to their everyday life. Have you every wondered whether machines are getting cleverer and we are getting dumber? Have you considered the impact of the digital world upon our identity, our privacy, and our use of time? 

What about the impact on our sense of what is true or important, and real? This book does provide some tools to assess when the digital world is a usual tool and when it is an unwelcome and potentially dangerous intrusion.

I liked the way that Andrew Graystone uses the commandment: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, as a template for guiding, shaping and moderating our online activity.

This 10-part meditation concludes with a helpful glossary which could prove to be a useful audit of our digital habits. 

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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