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A Year With Andrew White – Andrew White

52 Weekly Meditations - SPCK 224 pages £14.99 ISBN 978 0 2810 7947 6

This is a different take on “a year with”; instead of daily readings, here we have 52 brief meditations designed to be savoured once a week throughout the year. Each meditation begins with a biblical verse and concludes with a prayer. 

Andrew White (The Vicar of Baghdad), is a multi-gifted people person, who can tell great stories. And years of experience working with vulnerable people in challenging circumstances in the Middle East have given him many stories to tell.

What is not on offer here are sentimental stories about things always working out well. These stories are raw, real, but also encouraging and challenging. 

One of the things that Andrew speaks about are “Honey” days and “Onion” days; some days are sweet, some bring tears; at times the two are mingled together. The title of his brief introduction sums it up well: “The agony and the ecstasy.”

This journey, says the author, takes us from “darkness and despair toward light and hope.” The author has a unique blend of a Christian spiritualities, which give him a fresh eye and distinctive voice.

This book would make a good present for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on living a useful Christian life in complex times and difficult places.

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