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I Ache - a psalm of longing and lament

South Wales Baptist College student Jonathan Brewer gets creative with a modern day psalm of lament and longing, written with today's connected generation in mind ...

I ache.

Hope has unfollowed me.

Joy decided to defriend me.


I ache.

The glare of my devices have powered down,

And I am abandoned in lonely isolation to stare and frown.


I ache.

Defrauded by the world wide web of deceit;

Youtube video of my sin is on repeat;

My mind's memory drive is full, and unwanted files – delete.

I ache.


What can improve my dislikes?

What can soothe my current status?

Will a divine direct message come out of the blue,

Even google ignores my voice request.


You, Lord, see the blog of my heart,

You read the history of my searches yet desire me.

Renew me, create a redesign to display me.

Lest I be left in virtual reality,  - upgrade me.


Can you reconnect me to the Server? That I may too serve?

Charge me with your power? That I may empower others?


When I see your friend request, I will no longer ache.

Then if I be dropped by the world, I will no longer break.

For the application of my hope has been reloaded.

The protection of my physical frame has been remoulded.

The profile and password have been reset.

No longer blocked and hacked by the virus that beset.


With my face in your book, I like and I share.

I still ache, but now I ache for a world that is locked out in disrepair.


Jonathan Brewer

Written as part of the Christian Spirituality module taught by Rev Dr Craig Gardiner. "It may inspire or challenge your readers to look again at the psalms or write their own poetry,” says Jonathan, currently a second year ministerial formation student at the college, and also pastor of Aenon Baptist Church, Sandy Hill, Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

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