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New novel pulls no punches in bid to reach dark sci-fi fans

A new sci-fi fantasy is published this month that is sure to cause controversy with its blend of a dystopian future, brutal violence and profound theological questions.

Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock is described as a “spiritually-charged, cyber-noir thrill ride” and “the unholy offspring of William Burroughs and Warren Ellis”.

The book explores a utopian reality in which a one-world devilish leader looks to undermine freedom of faith by establishing a forced Global World Religion, resulting in the persecution of many – a topic not unlike realities experienced by Christians today. 

In the roller-coaster ride that is Complete Darkness robot evangelists lack tolerance and even exhibit violence towards those who disagree with their beliefs. It’s hell on earth… could it be our future?

Author Matt Adcock says: "I wrote Complete Darkness as a response to the often neutered and 'safe' religious fiction on sale. This is a dark, grim and violent potential future inspired by the likes of Iain M Banks and Richard ‘Altered Carbon’ Morgan. It is designed to be accessible to those who would never normally pick up a Christian author's work and I hope it will make people consider their potential eternal fate."

Some 10 years in the making, the book is already seeing success pre-release by reaching #2 on Amazon’s Religious Fantasy chart and is receiving positive reviews by those who have previewed its tale of fear, turmoil and faith.

“An epic and energetic plunge into philosophy, theology and left-field sci-fi, Complete Darkness is a blast. It’s quirky, intelligent and cool,” says author and journalist, Rev Peter Laws.

Now the Head of Communications at the Church Urban Fund, Matt Adcock previously held posts with the London School of Theology and YMCA England. An avid film fan, Matt is a regular reviewer for print and newspaper outlets. As well as a dedicated husband and father, Matt is also a trustee of youth support charity, Phase. Matt lives with his family in Hertfordshire, England.

Complete Darkness is available everywhere as paperback and Amazon kindle on 25 October 2019 from Waterstones, Amazon and other retailers. To pre-order and for more information visit

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Two-thirds of Christians say their church 'rarely or never teaches on hell'

A recent survey has suggested just under three quarters of UK Christians believe in the existence of hell, while almost two thirds say their church rarely or never teaches about the topic.

The study, conducted by Christian Research panel Resonate surveyed over 5,000 Christians across the UK and found 74 percent believed hell existed while 10 per cent did not, and a further 16 per cent said they were uncertain.

The report also revealed that 15 percent believed the topic of hell was of little relevance to modern day life. Author Matt Adcock, who commissioned the research, said he was surprised by the findings.

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