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Christians urged to pray and build relationships across Brexit divide

At this time of deep division, and unprecedented legal battles, Christians in Politics (CiPOL) are calling the church to pray and be peacemakers.

Their animated film Order from chaos – is available to view here – and available for download for events and churches here.

It is an ideal, non-partisan resource to show for any church leaders or small group leaders wanting a helpful introduction to a time of prayer.

The film makes the point that the UK is in danger of sliding further towards a situation akin to the divisions we see in the USA, where two cultures exist together but separate within one country. These separate tribes read different newspapers, watch different TV channels and their tribal views are reinforced by the algorithms of social media.

Executive Director of Christians in Politics Andy Flannagan said: “I come from Northern Ireland, so I am all too painfully aware of what happens when tribes exist separately within the same country. In the UK right now, there is a real danger of a cultural divide becoming a cultural chasm, from which we may struggle to return.”

The film calls on believers to be on their knees in the presence of the One who knows it all, helping us to realise that we do not know it all, and rendering us more able to hear from those with whom we disagree. Could this provide even a first step on the journey towards reconciliation?

Christians in Politics are bringing people together from across the political spectrum, and from both sides of the remain/leave divide, learning to disagree well and to put kingdom before tribe. Members of local groups are intentionally building relationships with those who hold different opinions.

Andy Flannagan said, “Being on our knees won’t just change the Brexit situation, it will change us. And that may give us just a chance of being the peacemakers and bridge-builders that our country so desperately needs.”

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