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Funny business: Christian comedian kickstarts plans for 2020 Edinburgh Festival show

Christian comedian and magician Tom Elliott is taking his show to the Edinburgh Festival next year, and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise £3500 by the end of next month to help market the show.

Tom explains: “I’ve already secured a venue and my accommodation – working in partnership with Edinburgh City Salvation Army who are ideally located near The Pleasence, one of the major venues at the Fringe.

“This show will act as a platform for a new online resource, that I'm busy creating, along with guest contributions, that will help people to explore their life as a whole – relationally, physically, intellectually, emotionally, vocationally and spiritually.  

“Audience members will be invited to sign up, receive excellent resources and receive invites to future events.

“However, with a high volume of participants at the fringe, I need to maximise the reach of my show. So I've launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, with an 'all or nothing' funding goal of £3500, to be raised by 31 October. This will be invested into my two-week run at the Edinburgh fringe 2020, with a particular focus towards the marketing of the show, using an experienced PR company, to ensure maximum reach.”

You can find the campaign at

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