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Beard Theology: A holy history of hairy faces

The Church Mouse with Dave Walker (Illustrator) Hodder and Stoughton 192 pages £12.99 ISBN-13: 978-1529318630

If you are suckers for novelty products (Yes I have Phil Spector’s Christmas Album in Mono on vinyl), you will be used to people looking puzzled and asking the question “Why?”, writes John Woods.

The same might be said about a whole hardback book about theology and beards. Buy this book and you will possibly discover more than you might ever need to know about facial hair. Is this book a necessary addition to my library?  Probably not; I think I could manage to live without it.

Some of the book is about theology that is not really about beards and some of the book is about beards and not really about theology. It might make for an interesting book to have on the coffee table to flick through. Not least the bits that explore how beards became one of the boundary markers of what it means to be faithful, or the part that talks about what Jesus might have looked like.

One could have shaved a bit of the word length to make it a little more of a smooth read.    If you like a novelty book that entertains buy this book; you might get a giggle, if not buy some of those five blade razors; unless you prefer the hipster look.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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