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I'd like to talk to you about ... socks

Russ Bravo on the latest innovation in, er, footwear ...

One of my favourite Spike Milligan nonsense poems goes as follows:

“I must go down to the sea again
To the lonely sea and the sky
I left my vest and socks there
I wonder if they're dry?"

The surrealist comedy writer and performer's subversion of John Masefield's classic poem Sea Fever came to mind when I received one of the stranger review offers I've had in my Inbox in recent times.


Actually, not just socks. Magic socks.

Yeah, right. That was my reaction too.

Men's socks have got a bit jazzier in their colours and designs in recent years, but I hadn't noticed much else. So where's the magic?

These Chinese-manufactured (and originally crowdfunded) socks have attracted lots of media attention for their one killer attribute: you can wear them 'for up to six days' without washing them, because they are "antibacterial and odourless".

I guess they are particularly aimed at backpackers, busy travellers, and students, but it occurred to me that ministers and clergy, youth workers, missionaries and church project workers spend a lot of time on their feet ... so they might be interested too.

Some review socks arrived from the MP Magic Socks team ( – and I have to report that the experience I've had with them so far has been excellent.

They're comfortable. They've stayed dry and odour-free. And they could catch on.

The secret, if you want to delve into the science, is in the composition of the material used, with metal fibres and Lycra, that make the socks breathable and durable. Prices are from just over £8 a pair, and there are a wide variety of styles, colours and patterns.

Even if they don't appeal to you, if you've got kids heading off to uni this autumn, or children off to camp, or wild youth going travelling, they might just tick a few boxes.

As Editor's blogs go, this fits nicely into traditional media 'silly season'.

But your feet might just thank me later.

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