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Guest blog: Mark Greene on ... working with God

The stories keep coming of ordinary Christians finding God doing extraordinary things in their workplace, when they make themselves available to him ...

Work: we all to do it.

Paid or unpaid. Employed or volunteer. It’s a way to serve others, to provide, bring order, share truth, make something a little bit easier for someone, make some small bit of God’s world just a bit more like the Father intended – his kingdom come, his will be done, in my factory, my classroom, my office, my kitchen ... as in heaven. Stories abound of God’s people showing and sharing his love and truth in good work and Christlike character, in everyday kindness and godly words.

Indeed, as I was refreshing Thank God it’s Monday for its fifth edition, I realised that I could replace pretty much every one of its many, many stories several times over. Except the one about me throwing my boss across a restaurant in front of his whole team. On his 40h birthday. I’m hoping that will remain a one-off.

No, God is at work in and through his people out in the workplaces of our land. Why wouldn’t he be? We spend so much time there, with so many people who don’t know Jesus, doing work and making decisions that affect others’ lives for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; for closer to God’s pattern, for farther away.

There’s Mary-Jo, a praying, pastoring hairdresser who’s not only a minister to her clients but has drawn several of the apprentices into a weekly Bible study.

There’s Alan, a senior banker, brought in to turn round a high-calibre but highly dysfunctional, failing team, praying fervently for strength just to get through the day, taking the initiative to spend time with each individual to hear what’s going on at work and beyond, adapting his decisions, seeing the culture change, the people flourish, the performance soar.

There’s Georgia, a dental hygienist, who knows that pretty much every patient who comes into her surgery is anxious. So she prays before each appointment that the Lord would bring peace to the room and peace to them. And he does. And so remarkable is it that many patients have remarked on it.

Just this week I heard from John. Helen joined his team four years ago, not a follower of Jesus. After a while Helen gets very sick and is off for months. John triggers all the corporate support services. And he prays. Helen returns but then she gets sick again: so sick that her GP won’t let her leave the practice till the Crisis Team arrives. John triggers the corporate support and he prays. Four weeks later, Helen’s healed, she’s joined a church, she’s become a Christian.

A few months after that, she’s come up with an IT application that has significant company-wide potential. She’s promoted. On December 21, John gets a text, “I wanted to speak to you, I wanted to thank you. If it wasn’t for you and the support that you have shown me, I would not be alive today.”

“I’m gobsmacked by God,” he tells me.

That’s what happens when we work with him.

  • Mark Greene is the author of Thank God it’s Monday – Flourishing in Your Workplace. The revised 25th anniversary edition has just been published. He’s Executive Director of LICC –


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