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Thank God it's Monday – Mark Greene (Fifth Edition)

Muddy Pearl / 214 Pages / £9.99 / ISBN-1 978-1910012574

I remember reading the first edition of this book in the early 1990s. It was a great reminder to apply my sermons to the workaday world that occupied most of my church members. The timely reminder at the end of the 20th Century has turned into a steady drip feeding into the bloodstream of the contemporary Church thanks to Mark Greene and the work of LICC (the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) on whole-life discipleship.

In many ways, the core message of this book is simple: God is interested in work, many biblical characters are involved in ordinary work. Greene challenges the idea that it is only pastors and missionaries who work full-time for Jesus.

The author is good at helping the reader see the possibilities for glorifying God in ordinary everyday activities that please God, and help other people see him more clearly. Here is an excellent resource to remind us how we can witness every through life and (sometimes) lips. Perhaps we all need to remember that actions speak louder than words. Christians might be able to win an argument about their faith – but can they show in their lives that their faith is worth believing?

This updated version of Thank God it’s Monday, has an eye on what is different in society 25 years after the first edition, and keeps in mind what it means to be at work in a digital age.

Many of the stories from the original book are still present, including my favourite about camomile tea. 

Mark Greene is a great wordsmith and storyteller; he captures and retains the reader’s interest well.  Every pastor ought to read this book to be reminded that God can work in any situation. For commuters, this would make a great read on the way to work.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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