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Knife crime song aims to raise funds and awareness

Singer/songwriter Jake Isaac has just released a new song which aims to raise greater awareness of youth knife crime and violence in London.

The song – A Boy and a Blade – also aims to raise funds for the Synergy Network, a group of organisations and individuals dedicated to helping vulnerable youth, supporting parents and families whose children have died from knife crime and promoting community safety.

Jake, a rising star on the UK music scene explained, "Usually, when a song about knife crime/stop the violence is released, it's recorded by an urban act with either a rap or grime musical flavour. I thought it would be good to do something different, and record music that would reach a non-urban audience. I've written the song to bring a different musical flavour."

The son of Street Pastors founder Rev Les Isaac OBE, Jake is known for his acoustic compositions and songs like Home, For No Reason and Long Road.  His unique music style have brought him a growing following across the UK and Europe.

After catching the eye of music legend Elton John, Jake was signed to his Rocket Record label. Jake also supported Paloma Faith on her UK tour and has performed across the US. 

Inspired to write A Boy and A Blade after attending a family dinner, Jake recalled, "We normally go to my grandmother's house as a family on New Year's Day.  Whilst we were sitting around the table, someone said, three people have been stabbed including a woman. I thought 'Stabbings on New Year's Day! This is not right!' This news, combined with a conversation I had with my dad about the issue made me think something is wrong.

"I'm a spiritual man, and I just felt extremely convicted that this was not right on so many levels: ethically, socially, spiritually and morally – and what's worse, we are turning a blind eye to it."

He added, "We all have a responsibility to respond to different things and I'd rather make relevant art with conviction, than popular art with apology."

The Synergy Network is another arm of the Ascension Trust, the charity which launched Street Pastors in 2003 to combat knife crime and violence.

Rev Isaac, the founder of the Ascension Trust launched the Synergy Network in November 2017 to bring together the various agencies involved in combatting youth crime.  

Rev Isaac welcomes this initiative by Jake to raise money for the organisation. "I believe that we can combat the youth crime and violence we are currently witnessing when the various agencies involved in working with young people work together."
"It's my prayer that A Boy and a Blade is a success, in helping to raise awareness of youth crime and violence and raising funds for the Synergy Network.  This single's success will also mean it's become part of the solution in combatting one of the most serious issues our society is having to deal with."


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