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100k already signed up for Lent generosity campaign

Stewardship, the giving charity, is launching its award-winning generosity campaign 40acts, which encourages and inspires people to complete a simple and meaningful act of generosity for each day of Lent.

The challenges range from leaving an anonymous gift for someone to engaging with your local community projects. 40acts has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers already, and uses social media to create an online community to empower people to take generosity into their local area.

Lent marks a pivotal point in the history of the Church, when Jesus prepared to give himself up as a sacrifice for all mankind. Stewardship highlights that although traditionally Lent is about giving something up, over the last nine years they have seen a growing movement of people embrace a new idea: that God’s incredible generosity on the cross can be reflected by creating a daily habit of generosity throughout Lent.

Kezia Owusu-Yianoma, Stewardship Digital Campaigns Executive explains: “Jesus turned the society he lived in upside down by living a radically different life; he gave his resources, his time, always noticing other people’s needs. Happy to be interrupted and stopped, he always had time for the physically and spiritually poor. Reaching out with love, compassion and kindness and in doing so he changed the world. Generosity happens when we see the opportunity instead of the obstacle.”

On each of the 40 days of Lent, participants receive a daily challenge to complete alongside a short reflection from one of 40 different Christian writers, thinkers and leaders. This year writers include Guvna B (gospel rap artist), Archbishop Angaelos, (The Coptic Church, London) and actor Tom Lister (TV and West End).

One 2018 40acts participant shares, “He looked at me as if I was a complete nutter and said he'd think about it! It was the day of "talk to a stranger" and God had prompted me to talk to this guy who was sitting on his own in a restaurant. I had summoned all the courage I had and asked if he wanted to join us. He politely refused, but later on, he came over to thank us and then sat down and chatted away for the next hour. He said he really appreciated our generosity. Without 40acts I probably would never have done that so thank you.”

To join the movement sign up at The challenges will also be available every morning on the 40acts website.

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