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Leading The Way aim to win one million to Christ worldwide by 2025

While politicians remain divided over Brexit, key Christian leaders and decision makers from across the UK are united in their support for Leading The Way’s Vision 2025 strategy launched in Westminster recently by the ministry’s founder and president Dr Michael Youssef.

Whilst in the UK, where he conducted several meetings with significant church, ministry and business leaders as well as politicians, Dr Youssef explained more about their seven-year strategy:

“We want to hear from one million souls who have come to Christ, figuring that out of 10 people who come to Christ, only one will get in touch with us and nine perhaps will not. So, the big prayer is for 10 million people. We are expanding all over the globe, and we’re not slowing down.

“We are going to be multiplying our media outlets all over the world, including in the Middle East, where we will be doubling the number of our follow-up team. I am praying that in that next seven years together we can be united in making Jesus known to millions upon millions of people around the world.”

Vision 2025 goals:

1    Expand Media Footprint in the UK  – Buy more strategic air time and produce new evangelistic content for non-Christians
2    Reach Muslims Here at Home – Increase our media and follow-up ministry in the UK
3    Expand Discipleship Network in Middle East – Grow our field teams, create more resources, and foster a support network for underground churches
4    Double Audience of THE KINGDOM SAT – Create more programming and air more LIVE broadcasts
5    Host Strategic Evangelistic Events – Bring Dr. Youssef’s preaching ministry to strategic places around the world
6    Distribute 100,000 More Navigators – Expand our network of distribution partners and target unreached areas
7    Target a New Generation – Develop content for millennials and saturate digital platforms with Biblical teaching

Leaders gather round Dr Youssef to pray for his
Vision 2025 mission.

This is what key UK Christian leaders had to say about Dr Youssef’s ambitious plans during a recent Leading The Way reception at Church House in Westminster:

“I’m tremendously challenged by the 2025 vision. The thought of, at the age of 70, Dr Youssef reaching out and looking to see one million people reached by 2025 – I just love the idea which we should all get behind.” Steve Clifford, Evangelical Alliance UK General Director

“What an amazing vision. One million souls for Jesus Christ could turn the UK and beyond upside down on its head. It’s what we need. Revitalization, renewal. I pray that this vision, this strategy comes true.” Andrea Williams, Christian Concern CEO & Co-Founder

“I am deeply impressed by Dr Youssef’s love for Christ, and that the focus of the ministry is the Gospel. When I read the literature about this Vision 2025 strategy I was astonished and it’s challenged me personally as to what I’m going to do with the latter years of my life.” Gerald Coates, Founder of the Pioneer Network of Churches

Leading The Way’s UK Director Dr Alan Kerbey concluded: “I’m so excited to play a part in seeing a much wider and deeper impact of the ministry as the uncompromising truth of God’s Word is proclaimed boldly in the increasingly chaotic, uncertain and unpredictable world in which we live.

“We are moving ahead to increase the airtime for Dr Youssef’s Bible teaching on Christian radio and TV, increasing the circulation and readership of Dr Youssef’s highly acclaimed books, working in partnership with other Christian agencies which complement the ministry as well as planning a high-profile speaking tour across the UK for Dr Youssef in 2020 called Uncompromising Truth.”

MAIN PHOTO: Dr Michael Youssef addresses Christian leaders at Church House reception in Westminster.

Editor's note: Earlier versions of this story incorrectly suggested the vision was for one million souls in the UK - the figure is one million souls worldwide. Apologies for our error.

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