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Knife Angel to go on display at Liverpool Cathedral

The Knife Angel, a sculpture which stands 27ft high, will be installed outside Liverpool Cathedral on Thursday (29 November) and will remain in place until 31 January 2019. Created by Alfie Bradley, it is memorial to those whose lives have been affected by knife crime.

A national monument against violence and aggression, Alfie has designed and created the artwork single-handedly at the British Ironworks Centre. 100,000 knives were surrendered and collected during nationwide amnesties in 2015/2016. The Centre provided knife banks for the amnesty with 43 police forces across the country involved.

Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool said: “Sadly scarcely a day goes by without hearing another tragic story of knife crime. Through hosting the Knife Angel at Liverpool Cathedral we want to show solidarity with the victims of this crime and make a powerful statement to everyone who comes to visit.

“As people encounter the artwork, we hope this helps them make sense of the issues it raises by coming in, lighting a candle or reflecting in one of our chapels. We will continue to pray for peace in our city and beyond.

“As well as standing alongside all those affected by knife crime we want to urge those who carry knives to recognise the pain they cause themselves and others as we work to a day when we truly see peace in our streets.”

Rob Jackson has been instrumental in bringing in the Knife Angel to Liverpool Cathedral. In his role as a nurse clinician at the Royal Liverpool Hospital has spoken to 95,000 young people across the area of the realities of being involved with knife crime.

Inspired by the story of the attempt to site the Knife Angel in Trafalgar Square, Rob contacted Clive Knowles CEO of the British Ironworks Centre to see about coming to Liverpool. He said:

“We’re hoping that by bringing the Knife Angel to Liverpool Cathedral it opens the debate about knife crime and its impact. It’s not about scaring people, but to get them to start talking about its effect on real people, something I witness in my job on a regular basis.

"This is about prevention of knife crime, using the Knife Angel so people to understand how carrying a knife and the reality of knife crime will not only affect other people but them personally.”

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