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New research pinpoints concerns of milennial leaders

Millennial leaders place huge value on authenticity and integrity, seek a collaborative culture strong on relationships, and welcome feedback, encouragement and mentoring.

But they also struggle with a need for approval and a significant fear of failure.

These are among the findings in a new leadership research report issued by Keswick Ministries’ training partner, Forge Leadership.

Entitled “Millennial Leaders – Now is our time and this is our voice”, the research explores the opinions of Christian millennials in leadership positions across all sectors of society in the United Kingdom.

James Robson, Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries, backs the report, saying, “It identifies that millennial leaders are concerned not just with skills but with character, authenticity and integrity. Qualities that speak of what it means to be a Christian disciple – and a Christian disciple in leadership.”

“This is right at the core of what Keswick Ministries is about – and what our leadership course espouses – a concern with Christlikeness.”

Research for the report was undertaken by Forge Leadership Consultancy between September 2017 and April 2018, utilising 50 in-depth qualitative interviews and over 440 responses to a quantitative survey. It was carried out to give millennial leaders a voice in the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous leadership environment (Lawrence, 2014), in the hope of helping millennials reach their full leadership potential and creating environments where they thrive.

Simon Barrington (pictured right), Founder and Director, Forge Leadership and previous CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, has highlighted the importance of the report, saying: “’Millennial professionals ‘are one of the most discussed and researched subjects of recent times’ (Srivastava & Banerjee, 2016: 148)’. We believe they have been unfairly stereotyped and misrepresented, which is why Forge Leadership set out to give millennials a voice. We wanted to understand the people behind the millennial label with the aim of helping them reach their full potential in leadership.”

In a bid to help leaders in all sectors, Forge Leadership and Keswick Ministries are working in partnership. They hosted an Influential Leadership Workshop in Keswick this May and a follow-up coaching sessions this October. Both training events were so successful that a second course will be taking place from May 20 - 24 next year.

Mr Robson said: “Leadership in all walks of life is critically important because of the effect it has on others. Keswick Ministries is committed to helping develop leaders in Business, Charities and in Christian Ministry. We believe the best route is to focus on the character of Christ as a model for motivation and leadership - and encouragingly, this report confirms that Millennials, our next generation of leaders, endorse and value this approach as well.”


1 Millennials place an extremely high value on integrity, authenticity and self-awareness within their leadership, yet identifies an underlying tension with a strongly felt need for approval and a significant fear of failure.

2 Millennial leaders are aiming to create a culture where relationships flourish, and collaboration and teamwork are priorities. There is a strong desire for purpose to be a driving factor in the workplace. Millennial leaders also seek an environment where there is frequent feedback and encouragement.

3 There is a strong commitment to developing others. Personal growth in skills and character
outside of a narrow job specification is greatly desired. Positive past experience of mentoring,
coaching and learning on the job make one-to-one leadership development models the most
highly sought-after.

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