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Halloween: time to connect with your neighbours, urges World Vision

Leading children’s charity, World Vision UK has today launched a campaign calling on communities, faith groups, and families to use Halloween – now the third biggest retail moment of the year – to build meaningful neighbourly relationships.

The launch of Pumpkin Heroes comes as the UK ranked nearly last – 27th out of 28 – in an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey on relationships among neighbours in European countries.

Beverley Jarvis Pearson, campaign lead for Pumpkin Heroes says, “The study recently found that while international wellbeing measures indicated Britain has some of the warmest and most fulfilling family relationships in the developed world, people in the UK maintain far more distant relations outside the home, emerging as less likely to be close to their neighbours than those in any other European country, apart from Germany.”

The Pumpkin Heroes pack aims to encourage people in the UK to build a stronger sense of community. It includes resources – with a Leaders Guide, a fully illustrated story book, a cartoon film, a sing-along song, Pumpkin Heroes Hunt, recipes and crafts – for children to come together at Halloween with their friends to enjoy a more hope-filled time. Each of the resources are available to download for free at

Jarvis-Pearson continues, “There is great value in a healthy and vibrant home life, but in the UK we have lost much of the connection beyond our own four walls.

“Halloween is a great opportunity for families to become more deliberate about engaging with those around us and ensuring our young people do not feel that sense of isolation many adults are now struggling with.”

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