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Reaching Indonesia's remote Aru Islands

Mission work to people on Indonesia’s remote Aru Islands has received a boost with the creation of several New Testament books in their native Dobel language.

Christian outreach work on Indonesia's remote Aru Islands has been done in the national language and, consequently, many local people think of Christianity as an outside religion, which they have accepted along with many other things from other places.

Most do not see Jesus as someone who understands their own culture and language, and with whom they can have a personal relationship.

That's the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators UK team members Jocky and Katy Hughes is so vital. Now the people of the Aru Islands are receiving God's word for the first time in their native Dobel language. 

So far they've been able to publish booklets from several books in the New Testament.
The goal is to have the entire New Testament translated by 2023.

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