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REBOOT: tackling the questions teenagers ask

Zacharias Trust are hosting the biggest REBOOT yet in London this September - aimed at answering the tricky questions 12-18-year-olds ask in trying to make sense of faith in God today.

Being a parent brings many challenges, not least the need to answer all sorts of random questions that our kids dream up.

Some of them, like “Can I eat ice cream for breakfast?” can always be answered with a sure-footed negative, while others such as “Why is the sky blue?” might send us scurrying to get help from Google.

But we know there are many questions where search engines fall woefully short, questions that arise from having to navigate through the dizzying complexity of 21st century life and all its challenges which can often leave young people wondering: “Is this all there is?”

When it comes to the God of the Bible and how he relates to teenagers’ lives, many Christian parents can testify that the questions don’t get any easier. Hands up if you would relish being asked:

  • Why does God allow suffering and evil?
  • Is the Bible true?
  • Hasn’t science disproved God?
  • Can I date a non-Christian?


The good news is there are answers for such big questions, answers that are intelligent, thought-through and compelling, answers that can help strengthen teenagers’ faith in Christ.

REBOOT London is an event all about answering the deep and difficult questions of 12 to 18-year-olds who are trying to work out what faith in God and being a follower of Jesus means for them.

It’s an interactive day of short talks, interviews and lots of Q&As organised by the Zacharias Trust, an Oxford-based charity that seeks to show there are meaningful and credible answers to people’s intellectual objections and heartfelt concerns about Christianity.

Full house: Around 1,000 teenagers listening to a
talk on ‘Has science disproved God?’ at
REBOOT London 
Photo: Alex Baker/Zacharias Trust

REBOOT is built around the premise that no question is off limits and teenagers are invited throughout the day to use their phones to send in questions and to vote for the ones they most want answered.

Amy Orr-Ewing, one of the event’s founders, said, “REBOOT is designed to be a space for young people to articulate their questions and doubts about God and the Christian faith, the kind of questions that they get asked at school.

“We noticed about five years ago when we were involved in a lot of university evangelism that it felt like we were opening the front door and hundreds and thousands of students were coming to Christ on campus.

“But meanwhile the back door was wide open. Young people who had grown up in the church have not necessarily found rigorous answers to questions and perhaps doubts have gnawed away and at some point, the whole thing has fallen apart for them.”

Since it started in 2013 in London, REBOOT has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, answering thousands of teenagers’ questions via events in Australia, Belfast, Canada, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and the US.

Last year’s REBOOT London attracted around 1,000 young people and this autumn’s event will be the biggest yet, taking place in Westminster Central Hall on Saturday 22 September, with special guest Louie Giglio.

For more about REBOOT and to book tickets, go to

Main photo: Taking questions: Zacharias Trust speakers tackling teenagers’ questions at REBOOT London. Photo: Alex Baker/Zacharias Trust

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