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Muyiwa teams up with Guvna B for hip hop release

Multi-award winning Gospel artist Muyiwa is back with a new single Alade Wura (Emmanuel) which sees him tap into one of his favourite genres - Hip Hop. 

The new single is set for release on 11 May and shows aside to the ‘Imela’ singer that many will not expect.

Known for his ability to successfully combine traditional Gospel music with elements of world music, Muyiwa has teamed up with leading UK Christian rapper Guvna B to create a sound that is both joyous and invigorating.

Muyiwa says: “Those who know me know that Hip Hop was my thing and that I was a massive garage head. So for me, it was me reaching back to what I love. Guvna B is like a brother to me and one of my personal favourite artists. We’d never spoken about a collaboration until now.”

Britain meets Africa and holds hands in Alade Wura as Muyiwa maintains his passion to share the African voice and stay true to who he is.

“Most people are obsessed with trying to create something that fits another people type, another culture. I am doing me. I am British, I am African, I am me.”

Alade Wura is a song of reassurance, that in spite of what it looks like God is on our side. With the many calamities taking place in Africa and the recent upsurge of violence on the streets of London leaving many people questioning what is going on in the world, Muyiwa is encouraging people to remember that God is on their side.

“It’s a celebration, a coming out loud saying I love Jesus, He is on my side. We are not the minority we are the majority.”

The highly anticipated and long awaited single was produced by Ghana based Francis Kweku Osei.

Alade Wura will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

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