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Mark Greene - The One About ...

John Woods has a recommendation for this look at ordinary Christians making an extraordinary difference at work

8 stories about God in our everyday
licc publishing
£2.50 or £1 each in packs of 10
65 pages
ISBN 9 780992 819040

Mark Greene, Executive Director of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, is an enthusiast, a great story teller and the most consistent advocate for whole life Christianity that I know. Greene’s speaking and writing on this subject since the publication of his book: Thank God it’s Monday a couple of decades or so ago, has helped Christians join the dots between what they do on Sunday and the rest of the week. 

This little book contains eight compelling stories of how Christians can make a difference in their everyday lives. What is most striking about the stories is that the difference does not always require a brilliant, highly skilled or well-resourced action. What it takes are simple things done well for Jesus. 

Hearing the stories of quiet everyday heroes of faith in the workplace or community can help to persuade us all that there is a work for Jesus (in our everyday situation) that only we can do

The one about … is a brief booklet designed as a giveaway. It would make an excellent exit book to be given away to a congregation. This would be a great takeaway from a series in church on LICC’s Whole Life Worship Series. It might give congregations the confidence to dare to be (at least) a little bit different.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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