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Privileged to serve - new video on military chaplaincy

Rob Jones reflects about the making of a film about chaplaincy in the armed forces ...

In spring this year, we were shooting footage for the new short film about military chaplaincy – A Force for Good – and I was remembering the experience of making the previous film Chaplaincy Everywhere.

On that occasion we were almost finished when we realised that one phrase occurred too often and we pruned out nearly all the references. The phrase was quite simply ‘it’s a privilege’.

Knowing this to be the case, we tried very hard not to use the word privilege at all in the new film – in fact just one mention got through. See if you can spot it and the raised eyebrow that gives it away!

Truth is, it is very hard to talk about chaplaincy without the sense of privilege that nearly all chaplains feel for the special ministry they undertake. But chaplaincy is not about the chaplains but about those to whom we offer a glimpse of God’s love.

Holy God, help us to remember that what we do is not about us but about your gracious gift to those we care for, in Jesus’ name. Amen

Force for good is available from the Methodist Church website, or on Vimeo. It is ideal for informing the wider church about this valuable work. Ideal for Synod and other meetings, it can be used as a trigger for prayer and reflection, as well as advocating chaplaincy.

Find out more about Methodist Chaplaincy here.


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