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'I know God still heals people'

INSPIRE reader Stephen Gerard got in touch to tell us about the latest chapter in his eventful testimony, which sees him travel around the UK speaking in schools, prisons and FGB (Full Gospel Businessmen) events.

“Following an operation where I’d had a kidney removed, having been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney, I was told I had grape-sized tumours in both lungs, and was put on a course of votrient tablets.

“I was meant to be taking four a day but they made me ill, so I didn’t take any. I was waiting on God for a Scripture, when I felt God say I was to go up into the hills around where I live in Cheshire. A friend said ‘if God’s telling you to do it, go and do it’ so we walked up into the hills and I ended up being given the verse Psalm 118:17 and became convinced Jesus could make me well.

“The doctor had told me to come back in three weeks for an MRI scan. He couldn’t believe it when he looked at the scan results and told me ‘you’ve not got cancer in your lungs – it’s gone!’

“I’ve now been cancer-free for four months, and I know God still heals people.”

Stephen’s full story is told on his website Miracle Man (and in YouTube videos – search for Stephen Gerard 8), and covers losing a multi-million pound business, alcoholism and homelessness, being prevented at the last moment from committing murder, treatment at psychiatric hospital, miraculous brain healing and finding fresh hope and a future through the power of God’s forgiveness.

He has also written two books for children, and his story has been told in an outreach comic.

Stephen is available to speak at churches and outreach events and can be contacted on

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