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Rob Parsons – Let Me Tell You a Story

Hodder and Stoughton £8.99 241 Pages ISBN 9781473670952

Let me tell you you a story.  Sitting next to a pastor at a Care for the Family event, I asked him what had brought him to an event addressed by Rob Parsons. Without missing a beat, he replied, “He always does me good.”

That’s exactly right. What you get with Rob is authentic, honest, homespun wisdom that is in accord with biblical teaching but does not often trouble the hearer or reader with chapter and verse.

What you always get are stories. Stories that one minute make you laugh at Rob and then ourselves.  Then with another turn of phrase we find that we have a lump in our throats, and even tough men shed a tear.

I think I have heard or read most of the stories contained in this book. Remembering when I first encountered them reminds me of the emotions and the resolve that they first evoked. That’s what Rob Parsons does best, help you want to be a better person without crushing you with guilt because you don’t often make the grade.

This would make a great Christmas extra for anyone.

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