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Derek Prime – A Good Old Age

John Woods finds a book about following Jesus in later years full of zest and wisdom

Derek Prime –  A Good Old Age: An A to Z of Loving and Following the Lord Jesus in Later Years
Ten Publishing 182 pages £6.99 ISBN 9 781911272623

The first thing that strikes me about this book is that it has a large font! Perhaps that is a concession to the failing eyesight of the main target audience of this book, those in or approaching old age.

The second thing that struck me is the freshness of each of the 26 reflections that make up this A to Z of Christian living for those in later years. Derek Prime’s writing continues to sparkle with an eagerness to be an active follower of Jesus.

Who would benefit from reading this title? It would be a great book to give to anyone embarking on that mysterious voyage that is retirement. It’s a superb guide to how a person might stay in good spiritual health as they get older.

A Good Old Age is stimulating, practical and with the brief prayers that conclude each chapter, it breathes the air of prayerfulness. The book would also be a useful read for anyone who works with older people in care homes, the community or the church. It might be a helpful reminder that there is life after 66!

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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