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Dan's racking up the views with video mission

Dan Rackham’s mission is to share the Good News about Jesus with as many people as possible. And he’s doing it via video.

Working in a home-built studio, with his laptop and video camera, Dan makes short, engaging videos and uploads them to YouTube on his channel Go Chatter.

With hundreds of millions of views daily, YouTube is a powerful channel to reach people with a message.

Dan’s aim is to produce regular, helpful, high quality videos that introduce the Christian faith in a fresh and interesting way. These are free to download from Dan’s Go Chatter website and are being shown in churches, youth groups and schools, as well as shared with friends.

“The thing about good news is you naturally want to share it!,” explains Dan. “Go Chatter is all about creating and sharing bitesize videos that get people talking about Jesus.”  

Dan began to experiment with filming while he was a volunteer community worker based in a church in Liverpool. He started a YouTube channel making weekly videos, just for fun, about local events in Liverpool and also about his church.

For Christmas 2015, Dan created an effective remake of the famous John Lewis ‘man on the moon’ advert with a clear underlying gospel message. This gained over 260,000 views through YouTube and other media platforms and showed the huge potential reach his videos can have.
Now based at Christian publishing company in Leyland, Lancashire, Dan produces a large range of different videos. Often they use current events as a springboard to get people thinking, such as the FA Cup final and the story behind its famous anthem Abide with Me, or the Queen’s 90th birthday, with surprising facts about her life and strong personal faith.

Other videos explore a particular Christian theme in a snappy and visually creative way. Some interview a notable Christian individual: the Olympic rower Debbie Flood or ex-terrorist Billy McCurrie. A recent popular video gives an alternative version to the song Tale As Old As Time in the blockbuster film Beauty and the Beast.

Dan recently made a short animated film to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The stop motion animation used Playmobil figures to tell the story of Martin Luther and involved taking more than 4000 individual photos to bring to life scenes from Luther's life. This has been very well received with 280,000+ YouTube views so far. It has been downloaded by more than 3,000 churches and has been translated into four other languages.

“My hope from making this animation is that people would get excited about the same things that gripped Luther from the Bible and that they’d see that the gospel impacts lives today,” explains Dan.

The GoChatter website has recently been expanded and now offers a large catalogue of other helpful evangelistic videos, as well as those made by Dan. This allows people to search for videos about a certain topic and to download or share them easily.

In recognition of Dan’s influential work, GoChatter came runner up in the 2017 Premier Digital Awards in the category for ‘Best use of Video’, for creating videos that ‘clearly communicate the Christian message in a relevant way’.

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