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Fitness pair launch gospel music workouts

Imagine being able to get fit, while hearing the Word of God? Well, imagine no longer, BeLifted is here and it’s claimed to be London’s first answer to Gospel fitness.

BeLifted was inspired by the need for more encouraging, edifying and uplifting music in gyms. It was started by two young Christian entrepreneurs, tired of working out to music that contained words which were not only contrary to their beliefs but also lacked that unique ingredient – God.

Jenny McCall, a journalist and fitness enthusiast, and Maame-esi Dodoo-Sowah, who works as a real estate consultant and loves to work out and stay healthy, are both qualified exercise to music instructors.

“BeLifted is about establishing Gospel music within the health and fitness industry, creating an environment where inspirational Gospel music helps people to exceed their fitness goals.” Maame-esi said.

Both Jenny and Maame-esi, felt that the music in most gyms lacked motivation and failed to inspire them to go for that extra crunch. They wanted lyrics that connected with them spiritually.

“BeLifted is all about bringing God’s Word into the world of fitness. How many times have you been to a gym and heard music with a mundane beat and uninspiring lyrics? For us this was happening every week,” explained Jenny.

BeLifted was launched in January 2017 and classes – aimed at men and women – began in June.

“Both myself and Maame-esi started working on BeLifted in 2016,” says Jenny. “We’d talked about how much we would love to hear the Word of God while working out, so we decided to make it happen.”

Going to work on finding a brand name, logo development, long-term strategy planning, and getting qualified as instructors, it’s been a labour of love, time and money. Both women are determined to make the sacrifice needed to develop a business they hope will not only bring people closer to God, but will also bring new believers into a knowledge of who Jesus Christ is.

“We want to heighten the importance of fitness and wellbeing within the Body of Christ – it’s a key vision point for us,” Maame-esi said.

But it doesn’t just end there – one of their longer term aims is to see Gospel music a regular fixture in UK fitness establishments. They are keen to engage those outside the Christian community as well as those inside.

“We also want to provide choreographed Gospel music fitness classes to health club establishments across the UK,” Maame-esi added.

Both ladies hope that this business will change people’s lives, thanks to the power of God’s Word combined with working out.

The BeLifted gym classes are held on the first Saturday of the month at the YMCA Gym in Tottenham Court Road, London. The plan is to expand the number of classes they offer and also to venture outside London.

Testimonials from attendees have been very positive, with clients saying how the unique offering from BeLifted has inspired and motivated their fitness regime. As well as the Gospel music, the ladies encourage participants with spoken Bible verses, such as ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

“Imagine a fitness class where you not only work out to the Word of God, but while you are going for that extra push up someone is next to you speaking Scripture over your life. That's powerful,” Jenny added.

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