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Changing the world, one sip at a time

The tea and coffee your church serves can make a major statement about the priorities you have, says Traidcraft …

What's the first image that comes to mind when you think about fair trade?

Most likely it’s tea, coffee, sugar, or even chocolate. Something sweet, rich, and uplifting!

Traidcraft, the UK’s largest fair trade trading company, were the first to bring these world-changing commodities to the UK, and they’ve not stopped there. They started with the first fair trade coffee in 1980, and since then have pioneered the first fair trade wine, juice, cotton, and now wax!

Founded on Christian principles, Traidcraft have been working for nearly 40 years to fight trade injustice and make sure that growers are paid as they deserve to be paid. It’s been a long journey, and there’s still so much to be changed, but every step of the way the Church has been instrumental in making this happen, by serving fair trade refreshments and shouting loud and proud about the difference that can be made.

Coffee is at the heart of fair trade and is the most popular drink in the world. Around two billion cups are enjoyed every day.

Our tastes have changed from sticking to plain old instant, and we now seek out speciality fusions, whole beans, and seemingly countless blends. In the early days of fair trade this variety just wasn’t available, and thousands of coffee fans – dedicated to doing their bit for justice – drank cup after cup of Traidcraft’s first instant blend, affectionately now referred to as ‘Campaign Coffee’.

In recent years the café culture has boomed from the high street to quirky bookshops, and has now become a real highlight in church life.

Bringing together a congregation after a worship service has always been a time to build a sense of community, forge links between neighbours, and discuss the message of the day before emerging into the busy rat-race of the world again. Serving high quality tea and coffee delivers a clear message about hospitality – and God’s justice.

Traidcraft helps thousands of churches in the UK to create a relaxed get-together with fair trade teas, coffee, biscuits, and an ever-expanding range of ethical snacks. Many churches are now featuring the fair trade message in sermons, Sunday school programmes, and setting up fair trade fayres – showing their local community God’s love in action.

By purchasing from Traidcraft you are helping tens of thousands of people around the world whose livelihoods depend on their traditional skills and the land. Traidcraft seek out the most in need, and work directly with them to develop their skills and market their products in the UK.

They’re a global leader in making trade work for small-scale artisans and growers, and are dedicated to empowering consumers to enact God’s love by doing.


If your church isn’t already offering a fair trade welcome, it’s never been easier to join the Traidcraft community.

Traidcraft offer churches exclusive discounts on all products, from 10% for roast coffee, delicate teas, exceedingly more-ish biscuits, nibbles, and cakes so soft and squidgy that you’d think they were baked today, to 15% off a huge range of handcrafted products that can be sold on a stall. And it’s all fair trade! There are also mountains of downloadable resources that can also help to really breathe life into your fair trade ethos.

As a Fair Trader, you’ll receive a credit and invoicing facility, free posters and promotional materials, and the support of a dedicated team of staff – just for you. If you’d like to talk through your ideas or would like some catalogues or leaflets posted out to you, simply call 0191 491 0855, or email

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