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New app aims to connect with refugees

International Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio has been given an exciting new opportunity to reach migrants and refugees with words of welcome and hope.

The situation faced by migrants and refugees has largely fallen from the headlines, and although for many it is a case of "out of sight; out of mind", countless thousands of people are still in need of hope and a helping hand.

More than 80% of refugees travel with a smartphone so, in addition to the Refugee Bridge app launched last year, TWR have begun a new partnership with Love Europe.

Love Europe is an app designed to enable refugees and newcomers to Europe to navigate, communicate and integrate in the countries and cities where they now find themselves. It is available in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Malta and Greece and provides a variety of tools designed to help refugees adjust to their life in Europe.

Through the app refugees and newcomers can get directions, learn some basic language and find out about the cultural norms and values of their host country. They can find the nearest hospital, police station or refugee camp, and connect with individuals who are willing and able to help.

As part of that TWR have entered into partnership by managing the media side of the app, sharing expertise, resources and content, starting with the programmes New Country, New Home and Hope for Syria, and with new programmes scheduled for release.

This new platform brings together solutions to the practical needs of migrants and refugees with content which speaks to their emotional and spiritual needs, all while working towards integration and welcome.


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