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Southwell: Adam and Eve inspired artwork on show at Minster

The work of a group of 13 leading artists based in and around Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottingham called The Adam & Eve Project will be on show in Southwell Minster.

The exhibition will run from 29 July until 20 August, and there will be a private viewing at 7pm on 28 July.
Their brief, drawn up by artist and project organizer John Rattigan, was to make a personal response to the time-honoured narrative of Adam and Eve, and in particular to re-imagine some key aspect from its well established iconography; such as the Garden of Eden/Paradise setting, the symbolism associated with the Serpent/Tree of Knowledge/Forbidden Fruit, or wider philosophical concepts such as the Fall of Man.
The artists taking part are; Duncan Pass, Michael Cook, Roger Sutton, Sarah Sharpe, Sue Prince, Anna Thomas, Simon Manby, Lee Mackay, Elizabeth Forrest, R N Clarke, Rebecca Mercer, Janet Turville, John Rattigan.
Because of the historical pedigree that surrounds this theme – encapsulating as it does everything from medieval stained glass and illuminated scripts, and including famous artists ranging from Rembrandt to Chagall – each invited artist could use aspects of art history as their starting point if they wished.
This project has built on the success of a previous group exhibition A Derbyshire Passion – Stations of the Cross held at Derby Cathedral in March 2015, which was run along similar lines to this proposal and included seven of the artists in the present show.
The Adam & Eve Project is a touring show and the majority of work is for sale.

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