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New album released by Brighton church artists

Bright City, the family of artists from St Peter's Church in Brighton, UK are excited to announce the release of their second album, HELLO MAKER, today (7 July 2017).

Recorded in early 2017, the album is the next step in Bright City’s journey as they serve their church and city with exhilarating new songs, and further develop the creative identity which began in 2015 with their self-titled debut album.
From its opening lyric "Hello Maker of the moon, your creation has inspired my every move" (Maker Of The Moon) through to its concluding line "Wake up dreamer, Don't sleep tonight" (Song For A Dreamer) the record features 10 songs that are epic in scale and yet intimate in nature.
HELLO MAKER’s first single, You Are The One Thing quickly drew attention when released in April, racking up over 75,000 YouTube and 38,000 Spotify streams to date.

The up-beat, synth-pop infused track is complemented by strong congregational songs including Rock of Our Salvation, Come Holy Spirit and Father written out of Bright City’s vision to see the church, city and world come alive through worshipping Jesus.
Paul Nelson, Executive Producer and St Peter’s Brighton Worship Pastor explains the concept behind the album:

“The Maker of the universe, the Tamer of the tides, the Wildness in the wind – is also the Father who draws close and carries us home to Him; the hands that hold creation have always been wrapped around our hearts.

“The HELLO MAKER project is a collection of honest and brave offerings to the One we were made for. Birthed in worship, in our journey as the Bright City family and in the context of the city we do life in and love, we hope that in some way the songs bring you face to face with Him, as they have done for us.”
HELLO MAKER is produced by Jonny Bird, with Executive Producers Sarah Bird, Paul Nelson and Martin Smith (formerly of Delirious?). The album artwork designed by Joshua Price – with an individual icon symbolising each track, coming together to form a strong and beautiful collection – reflects the collective nature of the Bright City team.

With more than 20 songwriters and dozens of Brighton-based musicians and artists involved, the Bright City family is one where everyone has a part to play.
HELLO MAKER is available via:

  • Digital purchase: £7.99 (via iTunes and other digital outlets)
  • CD purchase: £10 (via
  • Streaming: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc.

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