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The difference you can make sponsoring a child: Wilton's story

Through love, prayers and support, Christian child sponsorship charity Stand by Me has seen thousands of children rescued from terrible circumstances, reach their full potential and become who God created them to be.

In 1995 in the Dominican Republic, David Spurdle, Director of Stand by Me, met Wilton. He was sitting outside a chicken shed where a Christian couple ran a school by faith. Each day, Wilton would watch the other children attend their lessons.

Wilton working as a surgeon in 2016, just
after graduating from medical school.
Top: Wilton pictured in 1995

His home life was similar to many children in the area – poor, unstable and lacking in love and support. His mother and father had left him to live with his grandparents and Wilton had no possessions and very little clothing. He desperately needed food and would often go to the school to beg for scraps of bread.

David knew he could meet Wilton’s immediate needs, but an education would give him the chance to escape the desperate cycle of poverty he was trapped in. He tried to enrol him into the ‘chicken shed school’ but was told he was 100th on the waiting list. David felt God’s call to build a school which would provide Wilton and hundreds of other children with food, quality education and loving care.

At first Wilton was a challenging pupil, but thanks to the patience and care of his teachers he grew into a determined young man. Monthly contributions from his sponsors in the UK funded his education, regular meals, medical care and all the resources he needed to thrive. The regular letters from Wilton’s sponsors provided encouragement and assurance that he was loved and cared for, giving him the confidence to pursue his God-given dreams. In 2016 Wilton qualified as a surgeon.

 Wilton is just one of the 10,000 kids whose lives have been transformed by the care of Stand by Me and the prayers, support and encouragement of their sponsors over the last 20 years.

There are still many children like Wilton living without care and in need of rescuing. Will you be a sponsor and help them rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential? Through sponsorship and the right individual care, Stand by Me is proudly bringing up the next generation of teachers, nurses, pastors, and doctors so that they can change their own future, and in turn, that of their family and community for generations to come.

Stand by Me is rescuing and caring for 3,500 of the world’s poorest children through children’s homes, schools and care centres, providing them with the care, love and attention they need to thrive. You can directly impact a child and help them become who God created them to be through child sponsorship. £20 a month will provide the best care possible for your sponsored child and you will get to know them personally through your regular correspondence.

To start sponsoring today visit, contact or call 01708 442271 to find out more.

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