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Anne Graham Lotz - The Daniel Prayer: The Prayer that moves Heaven and changes Nations

Hodder 2017 282 pages ISBN 978 0 340 90852 5 Price £9.99

It has been interesting to read this book during the snap election campaign of June 2017, writing as I am on the day after the vote, with the news of the political applecart being somewhat overturned in the UK.

Anne Lotz Graham uses the Daniel Prayer from Chapter 9 of Daniel’s prophecy as a launchpad to think about how we can pray more effectively for our world and its needs.

It’s a very honest book, written while dealing with what was to prove to be her husband’s final illness. Throughout there is a genuine desire to have a deeper and more intentional prayer life, and this was prompted significantly by her experience at an event in Fiji. The powerful, compelling praying she witnessed there led her to ask: “What am I missing?”

The Daniel Prayer is a record of how the author learned to pray with more focus and passion. The first two sections of the book take the reader through the lessons of Daniel’s prayer, the third contains stories of how God is at work through answered prayer, and the last gives a range of model prayers that can release and inspire us.

Here’s an example:

Enthroned Living Lord …
Everything revolves around you. Everything.
We worship you as …
the centrepoint of the Universe
the centrepoint of time and space
the centrepoint of history
the centrepoint of life, meaning, and purpose today.
the centrepoint of all our tomorrows,
the centrepoint of prayer
You are the centrepoint.

Nothing really matters except your will and your wants and your way and your word.
How could we become so out of focus? Our distorted perspective is rooted in our hearts, twisted in our minds, then reflected in our prayers. Because …

What we wanted seems so vital.
What we have thought seems so critical,
What we have felt seems so crucial,

What we have said sounds so spiritual,
We seem to be consumed with ourselves.

At times, I found the author’s style far too immersed in the sub-culture of North American, Bible Belt assumptions and language. Yet looking beyond this, here is a timely and stimulating book that could get us praying.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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