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'I went from aggressive to calm'

Building site manager Ryan Sanders (37) says things have changed dramatically since committing his life to Christ, writes Helen Rimmer ...

In just over a year Ryan says his life has been put back together again. He has a new job, a new house, a new sense of peace, is free from addictions which previously overwhelmed him – and amazingly has been reunited with his family after 10 years apart.

Ryan, from Oldham, said: “Words can’t describe the difference Jesus has made in our lives in just over a year!

“All my addictions have completely gone, we have a new home in a better area, a new job, my family back, my soulmate back, and I am now in the leadership team at our church. We are all bound in Christ. It’s been amazing!”

Ryan Sanders: "Words can't describe the difference
Jesus has made in our family in just over a year!"

Life hasn’t always been this way for Ryan and his family. He met his childhood sweetheart Kelkina when he was 15 years old and they had their two children a few years later.

After years of arguments they split up, but Ryan would regularly see his children and visit the family home.

Ryan explained: “I used to see Kelkina when visiting the children but she was always erratic and unstable.

“But then one day last year I went round and she was different. I saw a dramatic change in her; she had an amazing peace about her.

“I was in a bad place myself, addicted to drugs and wanted some of that peace that she had. I asked her what was different and she said: ‘It’s Jesus! He’s miraculously changed my life.’”

Kelkina, who had recently come to faith after hitting rock bottom, passed over details of the iTruth app – produced by Counties Greater Manchester evangelists Tim and Charissa Cooke – and asked Ryan to download it and watch the films.

During this time, Ryan says he kept bumping into Tim Cooke and seeing a van with the MJK [Make Jesus Known] advert on the side and the It’s Jesus bus around town.

He continued: “I spent a week working my way through the iTruth app. It really spoke to me, and by the end of the week I wanted to go to a church and find out more about this Jesus.

“I went to Impact Community Church in Oldham and sobbed my way through the whole of the service. By the end I committed my life to Christ.

“I went in with the weight of the world on my shoulders and I walked out feeling incredible. I felt like Peter Pan!

“I was very much against religion before my commitment, saying I didn’t want my kids being raised as Bible-bashers.

“I was the worst. But Jesus has shown me the way and it’s the most real thing that has ever happened to me.

“I went from being aggressive to calm, with a proper sense of peace.”

About the iTruth App

This cutting edge resource is designed to help people on their walk with God. Designed by Counties evangelists Tim and Charissa Cooke through their charity Make Jesus Known (MJK), the app is free to download and works on iPhone, Android, Windows smart phones and Kindle, Apple and Android tablets.

The app has a series of short films which helps people on their journey of faith. It also features lots of contemporary Christian music. It’s an ideal tool to use as a follow-up for outreach events.

If you are interested in using the app for your church or organisation email or visit

Counties is a Christian charity which has been running since 1899 and aims to make Jesus known across the UK through the work of evangelists, training and resources. More info at

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