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Liberate Eden

By Greg Fromholz, and published by Matthews & Owen Press. Less a book and more of an 'App-Book' particularly aimed at the iPad, Liberate Eden is described by author, artist and communicator Fromholz as about "what it is to be human, scarred and in the pursuit of hope". Beautifully designed, it is ideally suited to the iPad and mixes text, video, music and art in a way that is meant to encourage the 'reader' to engage with the author's journey, challenge to the Church and questioning approach to his faith.

It's a pioneering attempt to fuse creative technology with theology, but I did find myself struggling to stay with it at times. Some of the video didn't seem to do much more than give a dramatized reading of parts of the text, and I wasn't sure where parts of it were going. But it stimulated the senses, got me thinking and is a groundbreaking attempt to engage today's visual generations in a way mere words may not.

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