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Losing Faith - Andy Frost

(Authentic, £7.99)

Over the years, so many books have been published about sharing your  faith, seeing people come to Christ and preaching the Gospel, you'd think we'd be better at it by now.

The problem, of course, is that only a few have read most of them – and putting things into practice is easier said than done.

So it's good now to see a book that tackles an issue few have handled in the past: people who come to Christ, and then lose their faith. Why do people walk away from Jesus and the church?

Andy Frost, who leads Share Jesus International and works mainly with teenagers and twentysomethings, gets to grips with the issue by listening to people who have walked away and sharing their stories.

There's a good mix of stories, from those brought up in Christian families asking questions about how real their faith is, to those struggling with a faith that has never been grounded in reality and life's challenges.

Each chapter ends with practical tips – questions to answer, challenges on how we communicate our faith and disciple others, ideas to explore.

It's a helpful introduction to a big issue: it's fine for the Church to seek to bring more people through the front door, but it needs to attend to those leaving by the back door.

Faulty discipleship, unrealistic expectations, poor support structures and an unwillingness to develop a robust thought through faith are all areas to be explored further, and hopefully this book will kick-start a fresh examination of this neglected area.

Russ Bravo

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