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Operation World - The definitive prayer guide to every nation by Jason Mandryk

(Seventh Edition, Biblica, £19.99 hardback, £14.99 paperback)

First published in 1974, Operation World has via Patrick Johnstone and WEC International, become the key handbook and resource manual for those committed to global evangelisation, and particularly those devoted to praying for the nations.

The previous edition was published in 2001, three days before 9/11 – and was almost immediately out of date. And that has remained the daunting challenge for Jason Mandryk and his team: charting the detail and data of world and Church where change is accelerating.

The good news is that while any reference book is likely to be overtaken by events, Operation World's seventh edition is as helpful, insightful, informative and challenging as one could wish, and an essential tool for any Christian leader, missionary, intercessor or believer who wants to understand what is happening spiritually around the world.

A useful introductory section helps you understand what the book provides and how best to use it, and there helpful overviews of each continent and region before the country by country breakdown begins.

The section on Afghanistan, for example, includes brief summaries of the country's geography, peoples, economy, politics and religion, before listing both answers to prayer and challenges for prayer.

If you want to work through the book through the year, there are dates at the bottom of each page to keep you on track.

For supporting video and ongoing updates, you can go to and there are also DVD and CD products available.

An extraordinary piece of work, this reference books is genuinely indispensable – every church, ministry and prayer group should have one.

Russ Bravo

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