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Concrete Faith by Matt Wilson

(£6.99, ISBN: 9780957141414)

Living as a Christian in contemporary western society, in the information age, can adversely affect one’s witness. 

That is why it is so inspiring and refreshing to hear stories like the inception of The Eden Network, as people move out of their comfort zones and take the message of truth to the most impoverished and neglected of communities.

Concrete Faith by Matt Wilson, Mission Director of The Message Trust, tells the incredible story of the growth of The Eden Network since its inception in 1997 in Manchester. 

Placing an encouraging emphasis on physically moving into deprived communities and establishing a home there, Concrete Faith is packed with wonderful stories of how God has transformed the lives of many through Eden and its many willing workers and volunteers. 

Matt Wilson takes great care to stress that community engagement and the building of trust is at the heart of effective gospel ministry.

However, perhaps the greatest strength of the book, and of the work of the network, is a determination to reach all people, however desperate their plight. As a result of this readiness to make a home in communities rife with gang violence, drug addiction and crippling poverty, Matt Wilson suggests that "hope is being born in some of the most unlikely of places". 

The author makes clear, through a series of short testimonies written by some of those helped by The Eden Network, that the message of the gospel is now having a saving impact in previously broken communities. 

And as the Bible promises, this hope "does not disappoint" (Romans 5:5).  

Review: Alistair Shand

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