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The Silencer - Paul Alkazraji

(Highland Books, £7.99

Having written a book about Albania, God's Secret Listener published by Lion Monarch, I was interested to read a new publication about this Balkan country entitled The Silencer.
Although mine was the true story of Captain Berti Dosti's journey to faith under dictator Enver Hoxha, and Paul Alkazraji's is a fictional thriller, I was fascinated to see how he tackled this project.

The author has been living in the country since 2003 where he met his wife and he now runs a magazine for churches in Albania.

The story is about Jude Kilburn who moves from London with his wife Alex to encourage the new church by publishing a biography of a local hard-man, Mehmed Krasnichi, who has become a Christian but has many enemies from his past.

Ergenekon, a secret group plotting to destabilize Turkey, wants to stop this testimony coming out and what happens keeps the reader on a knife-edge until the final page.
The story is a fascinating glimpse into the problems of resurrecting the Church in a country that had claimed to be the world's first atheistic state.

However, the plot is complex and the author lists the 47 characters at the end of the book to help readers follow the fast-moving story.

The book is a fitting tribute to Berti, the fictional Mehmed and thousands of other brave Albanian Christians whose testimonies helped the Church survive a difficult rebirth and which is now thriving 20 years later.

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