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The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs

Fine Feather Press, £12.99

We often eat at a table in our kitchen, which looks out onto our back garden. It's a great spot for watching the birds that come to our feeders: near enough to see them quite well, but hidden out of sight so we don't scare them off.

Neither of us are great bird experts – we can recognise a few but only the most common – so this book is a lovely simple way of exploring some of the common breeds you might find in your garden.

Teaming great photos with beautifully illustration, it gives you information, figures and fun facts on 12 different birds, along with a push-button panel that allows you to hear each bird's song. Great for using with children, it's also a handy starter reference for anyone keen on enjoying our Creator's feathered friends.

Russ Bravo

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