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Tim Chester - Mission Matters: Love Says God

IVP 162 pages £8.99 ISBN 9781783592807

Tim Chester has written a simple and very stimulating book, as part of a Keswick Convention sponsored series on issues that matter today in church and society. The book effectively combines a biblical overview of mission with a rich vein of mission stories, (many related to the Keswick Convention), clear principles of how mission can work in practice and lots of tips on practical issues.

In this way, Tim Chester manages to steer a middle path between a book on mission that is too theoretical or too pragmatic. Instead we have a book that avoids the pitfalls of being merely full of ideas and tips that have no biblical foundation or practical outcome. We are guided into a view of mission that is rooted in the character and purpose of God, shaped by the gospel narrative of Scripture, informed by real life examples and is grounded in down to earth application.

Who would benefit from reading a book like this? It would be great for anyone thinking about being more involved in mission. It would be an excellent resource for getting a clearer view of what motivates mission in the first place and how we begin to work out in practice how the missionary God wants us to fulfil this missionary vision in our lives today.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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