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Timothy Keller - Preaching: Communicating the Faith in an Age of Scepticism

Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN 978 1 444 70217 0, £16.99 309 pages

Maybe you know a preacher; perhaps he or she is in need of a little bit of encouragement. Why not buy them a copy of this book by Tim Keller on preaching? Keller has made something of a name for himself as the pastor of multi- congregation Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, and through the publication of a wide range of books on subjects as wide-ranging as idols and prayer. 

He has developed an approach to preaching that respects the Bible as the source book of what we preach. In part one of this book Keller writes about how preachers can be better at listening to God's Word as they prepare to preach it to others. 

In the second part Keller explores how preaching can understand the context in which their hearers live. Here preachers can learn to be sensitive to the background, unique questions, objections and pressure points of each hearer. This section would be good for anybody to read because Keller skilfully lifts the lid on how contemporary people think and feel. 

Keller describes this book as more of a “manifesto” than a “manual”. Reading it can be a great motivation to engage in the task of communicating the liberating message of Jesus to a new generation. 

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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