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Michael Green - When God Breaks in: Revival can happen again

Holder and Stoughton £9.99 228 pages ISBN 978 1 444 78795 5

Michael Green in is a great enthusiast, a racy writer, and highly skilled at compressing complicated issues into succinct explanations. This book is indeed a tour de force through the high spots of 2000 years of Christian history. 

From Pentecost to the phenomenal growth of the Chinese Church, Green traces the moves of God at key moments in the story of the Church. Some might find that the book leans a bit heavily on a charismatic reading of history; there is a bit of that here.

Yet if the reader looks beyond that, there is an exciting and stimulating reminder of what God has done, is still doing today, and what he might do in the future.

Green suggests that there are some features that always feature as a prelude to a fresh spring of spiritual awakening: prayer, holiness, awareness of eternal destiny, and return to Scripture. Then, adding a cold burst of reality he reminds us of the inevitable accompaniment of a fresh move of God: suffering.

May this little book stimulate the 21st Century Church to ask God to break in to the lives of his people so that we might be equipped to be lights in a dark world.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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