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The Unofficial Bible for Minecrafters

(LionHudson £12.99)

Minecraft is a computer game much loved by teenagers and younger, but most likely baffling to the rest of us. So we asked Minecraft gamer Reuben Moreman (12) and his older brother Alex (14) to give us their verdict …

I enjoyed it because even though I know these Bible stories, they are giving you a new perspective.

It is clever how they have used the captions and the speech bubbles to add a new view – a lot of effort has gone into creating the scenes. As a regular Minecrafter I found these good detailed images which help tell the story.

The tower of Babel is a huge tower which could take days to build in the Minecraft world and it is quite an impressive achievement.  For a Minecraft fan who had never read the bible and was interested in finding out the story of the bible and what Christians believe this would give them something which they could understand and get hold of.

One problem, however, is putting something like the Bible into Minecraft (just a game) means it doesn’t fully take on the seriousness of what the bible really means.  I would recommend it to someone who is interested in Minecraft to find out about the Bible and then maybe move them on to something more.


The Bible is quite a complicated book and for the target audience I think that they have done a really good job of simplifying some of the stories so they are understandable. They have also done well by managing to get some of the background information and morals of the Bible in so that it is not just about interesting stories.

One of my favourite points is the way they use speech bubbles at the start of chapters to add a sense of how the people in the stories might have been feeling. The layout of the book into chapters is really helpful and allows you to read the book in small chunks. Through many of the stories there is plenty of humour which for the target audience makes it an easier read and is definitely a good thing.

The pictures are very good representations of what was happening and this helps expand the reading age for this book as some very young children play Minecraft, and so this could be good for parents to read with young children who are Minecraft fans. This set of Bible stories ends with the Gospel story which is understandable as it could be harder to tell stories after that but overall they have done a really good job.


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