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Paul David Tripp - Awe: Why it Matters in all we think, say and do

IVP £9.99 198 Pages ISBN - 978-1-78359-377-4

“Don’t let me lose my wonder” (Keith and Kristyn Getty). That is how Paul David Tripp begins the first chapter – and his radical suggestion is that awe is not simply an add-on in our lives, it is to be at the very heart of our lives. He argues that we can only understand our lives if we see that we are wired for awe, and in particular awe of God.  

I guess that when we think of awe we think of standing before a jaw-dropping sunset or mountain range, or we picture ourselves at a special time of worship lost in wonder, love and praise. Yet because awe does not always filter down into our everyday lives Tripp has written this useful book to take the lid off why we are as we are.  

Tripp traces all of our problems to a lack of awe. It makes sense when you think of it; we imagine that all our problems are at a horizontal level, but what if we act as we do because of a lack of awe in our vertical relationship with God? Although at times it can appear as if Tripp is spreading his idea a bit too thin, this is a useful book that can help us to regain a sense of who we live for.

John Woods is Pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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