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Don't Beat Yourself Up: Learning the Wisdom of Kindsight - Tania Bright

Lion Hudson £8.99 ISBN 9780857216632

Reading this book was like curling up on my favourite couch with my best friend for a good chat! Tania Bright manages to write with the wisdom of experience, the gentleness of a sister and the prayerfulness of a mentor. This book is so honest; at times it is as intimate as reading someone’s journal, but that kind of honesty is worth gold, as we battle with low self-esteem and the guilt in our lives.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up is one of those rare books that, having been read once, will be kept on the shelf and dipped in and out of through my ministry – especially as I encounter women and girls who use their Christianity as an excuse to berate themselves for past mistakes and low self-esteem. This is a very practical book, bringing real-life experience together with a solid faith in God’s healing and forgiveness. 

Tania has struggled with low self-esteem, she has made mistakes and yet she has learned that with ‘kindsight’ she can look back lovingly and learn from these experiences. She has learned to be kind to herself. 

That is a wonderful gift to share with others.

Rev Sara-Jane Stevens, Assistant Curate, St Matthew’s Church, Worthing

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