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Kyle Idleman - The End of Me: Where Real Life in the Upside Down Ways of Jesus Begins

David C Cook £9.99 218 pages ISBN 978 1434707079

Some might find this book a little too American, or a bit too simple, and the jokes rather corny. Yet there is a freshness of approach here that often creeps under the reader’s radar.   

We all need daily reminders that the beginning of experiencing more of Jesus is learning to come to the end of me! 

Starting off with the beatitudes of Jesus, idleman (he must have had fun at school with a name like that) helps the ready explore ways in which Jesus can enable and fill us when we honestly face our weaknesses. Some might see a little irony in a book that has contains so much detail about the author being called The End of Me!

The author has an approachable, simple self-depreciating style that disarms the reader and helps the medicine go down. The book contains simple reflections on biblical stories, lots of personal anecdotes and some gentle application to life. 

This easy read will sometimes make you smile and sometimes make you laugh; it should also lead you to take yourself a little less seriously and help you to learn to take the way of Jesus more seriously in your life.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle

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