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John Piper - Living in the Light: Money, Sex and Power - Making the most of three dangerous opportunities

The Good Book Company ISBN: 9781784980511 154 Pages Price £8.99

There is always something robust, fresh and compelling about a book from John Piper. Living is the Light is, as you would expect from Piper, a book thoroughly grounded in the Bible, passionately argued and personally applied.

Piper when dealing with money, sex and power, asserts that: “The world has stolen what belongs to believers”. When we are drawn into the darkness of distance from God, who is light, we end up with a distorted and ultimately unsatisfactory experience of all three. 

For example, on sex he suggests that:

“When the planet of sex, which is itself a good thing, comes into the gravitational pull of an alien star, it is drawn into illicit orbits. The most common alien star is a burning preference for sex over God … Only when the sun of God’s satisfying glory is the centre of the solar system of our lives will sex find its beautiful, holy, happy orbit.”

Piper argues that when we look for love in all the wrong places and all the wrong people, we are left disappointed and unsatisfied. Yet if we are to genuinely live in the light we must come to the light by seeking God’s glory. Piper writes: “When God’s glory is revealed and treasured most, the power of sinful attraction is broken.” 

In a world increasingly addicted to the pursuit of money, sex and power, this small but substantial book would repay careful reading.

John Woods

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